It's not easy, but here is a guide that will get you a few steps closer. Completing sports bets every day to constantly cash in a profit can be for betting professionals everyday-business and become fulltime work. Theoretically, everyone interested in sports has the option of making profits with sports betting, at least in the long term.

The outcome can be better determined in advance if safer bets are made. However, it should be always clear that a bet can end differently even with a high probability of winning. It is difficult to hold a steady profit with individual bets, instead we recommend focussing on regular bets over a period.

What are sure bets, safe bets & value bets?

sports betting - bet live In the betting industry, “sure bets” are bets that are placed on different assessments of different betting providers which will result in a sure profit.

For example, let us look at a 2-way tennis bet: One sports betting site holds player A at an advantage, while a different sports betting site holds player B at an advantage. If you now place a bet with both providers at the same time, you can create a sure profit. However, the challenge of a sure bet is the need for a great overview of the different markets and providers, which often results in long computer session.

In addition, you need a betting account for each betting site so that you can react in time. Working with special software such as the Zcode system, so-called “Safe Betting Calculator”, which automatically compares the odds of several bookmakers and names the best options. However, betting tax is often not included in the calculation, so it should still be recalculated.

If you want to make things a little easier for yourself and do not want to constantly compare the many different providers with each other, you can also fall back on special websites that do exactly this work: There the surebets are collected and can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Sports Betting professionals

Sports betting sites comparisonBetting professionals also see the so-called value bets as a safe bet, although a payout is not one hundred percent guaranteed:

The basis for determining a value bet is the probability that a certain event will occur. If this probability for the sports betting professional is higher than the odds of the betting providers, a tip is placed on this sporting event.

It’s not a sure win, but in average experienced players can achieve high long-term profits However, value bets are very difficult to recognize, especially for beginners, and you should only venture into these bets regularly if you actually have enough background knowledge.

It should also be ensured that so-called “safe bets” are often advertised by the betting providers, in which large teams or athletes are in the foreground:

However, those who only sit on the internationally large teams, first of all get worse odds and it It can always happen that even the bets advertised as safe are tilted and ultimately the other team wins. In this context, it is of course advisable to choose a bookmaker with the broadest possible portfolio.

We recommend, for example, the bookmaker, the British bookmaker William Hill or the provider Betway, where 30 sports or more are offered permanently.