(Land-based) Casino Tricks That Keep People Gambling

Online casinos have evolved into a more fair and highly regulated place for gambling entertainment.

Traditional landbased casinos were been designed in a way that plays on the weaknesses of human psychology to make sure you spend as much time there as possible. There is much more going on on the casino floor than meets our eye, we only see what the casino wants to show us. Our senses are stunned by the lively atmosphere that is full of lights, sounds, drinks and food keeping us entertained and comfortable, fueling the thrill, and hoping to be the next big winner. We move around the casino floor completely unaware that all these little tricks are used to keep us inside and spend more money.

No clocks or windows

If you don’t wear your watch at the casino or have forgotten your phone at home, good luck with your timing. It is commonly accepted that there are no clocks or windows on the gaming floor in order to keep the players in a state of hyperfocus. Time doesn’t matter at the casino. You won’t find the clock in sight, and there are no windows or skylights to help you tell if it’s light or dark outside. Casinos are intentionally designed to look the same regardless of the time. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, the atmosphere never changes. When you are in the casino your inner sense of time shuts down. Players who do not know the time take their time to end the game.

Crazy carpets

Most casino customers will agree that these gambling establishments have the wildest carpets in the area. Believe it or not, these brightly colored rugs, with their wild swirling patterns and psychedelic patterns, aren’t a mistake. In fact, these are just other casino psychology tricks to keep players alert and happy, getting them to play bigger. The flashy carpet keeps your eyes awake; shock them to the waking state.

Bright lights and pleasant sounds

Casinos are a non-stop symphony of sound, light, and color. The flashing lights on the slot machines and the cheerful humming noises captivate players and lift their mood, making them feel excited and hope they can win. In addition to sound effects and other noises, most casinos also play a music soundtrack that is pleasing to the ear. In some cases, the music is soft, repetitive, and easy to listen to in order to put gamblers in a trance-like state. Sometimes music can be upbeat and stimulating.

The casino floor is built like a labyrinth

You had a lot of fun and you are ready to leave the casino. Then you realize that you have no idea how to get out. Casinos are built in a full circle without any corners. So you start walking through the maze of enticing slots to find more and more of these tempting traps with each step as you seek your way out. This is one of the oldest tricks used by casinos to keep players gambling. Casinos have virtually no landmarks, making it easy to get lost and difficult to leave.

All these little tricks make players stay longer in the casino and theoretically play for longer periods of time. With the addition of a couple of free drinks, comfortable chairs, slot attendants who will watch your machine while you are taking a break for the restroom, players have less of an incentive to leave. The overall desired effect is disorientation. The casino’s objective is to keep players totally engaged with the game and completely disassociated from the outside world.

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